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There are 2 steps to registration, viz. name application and document submission. First we submit the company names that you provided for approval. The registrar reviews the names to ensure that there are no confusing names or similar names already registered. This process USUALLY takes 1 to 2 days. Once the name is approved, we prepare the relevant documents and submit these, together with the copies of identity documents and the mandate for final registration. This process takes 1 to 2 days.

You will get the company document, share register, share certificate and the company income tax number.

Yes you can, however bear in mind that when you employ people to work, then other legislation comes into effect with require you to be registered for UIF and WCCA, etc.

If the names you provided are rejected, our office will contact you for new names. Once we receive these we will lodge them with CIPC.

The registrar of companies runs a “test” on each name. As soon as a name passes their test, they approve it. Once this is done, they DO NOT continue testing the rest of the names. So for example if you give the following name: -
ABC Trading
ABC Stores
ABC Investing
ABC Holding

Say if you own XYZ Trading (Pty) Ltd and now want to register XYZ Trading Durban (Pty) Ltd, the system will automatically reject the new application as there is another company registered as XYZ Trading (Pty) Ltd. In this case the director of XYZ Trading (Pty) Ltd will have to provide written consent for a new company with similar name to be registered.